Dance Company ACME/Albert Quesada:

Dance and theater Company Mal pelo/ Pep Ramis and Maria Muñoz:

Dance Company Zoo/Thomas Hauert:

Shadow Theater Company le Théâtre de Nuit:

Dance and Puppetry company AdonK!/ Merlin Borg:

Theater Company Tg STAN:

Choreographer Marlene Freitas:


Photographer, video maker Benjamin Sommabere

Photographer Tristán Pérez-Martín:

Light Designer Joana Serra:

Composer Octavi Rumbau:

Video artist and curator Nuria Font, NU2’s:

Visual artist and musician Ilan Manouach:

Visual Artist AK Dolven:


Space for creation L’animal a l’esquena:

Space for creation Odradek/ Pupella-Nogués:

Space for creation La Caldera:

Space for creation La Visiva:

Space for creation Le Théâtre de Cuisine: