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BHUM3web-1297345 copia.jpgSOLO ON BACH & GLENN (2008 – 2010)

The dance in Solo on Bach & Glenn is based on a written score, a series of instructions for the dancer created in close relationship with the soundtrack (Glenn Gould’s explanations)


In 2009 the score used for Solo on Bach & Glenn (2008) by Albert Quesada was rewritten and passed on to 2 other dancers. They learned the movement score, created their own interpretation and performed it with the soundtrack over a period of 2 weeks in Brussels. After three months of practice (each on their own), they gathered for a month, and composed a piece having both new interpretations of the score as a starting point. The duet Solos Bach & Gould offers two different views on a written score with the sound of Mr. Glenn Gould talking and playing.

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With Slow Sports, choreographer Albert Quesada brings the total experience of sport into the theatre. He places the audience on a grandstand and provides five dancers with the rules of the game. In this arena we try to understand how sports are experienced, and why they hold such a fascination for us.


The performance Slow Sports had its premiere in April 2012. In 2015 albert Quesada with the support of faBULEUS made a version of the show for kids +8.

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Wagner & Ligeti is a piece about music and its meaning. It explores how the structures, repetitions, and temporal inter- plays of orchestral music come to embody and communicate ideas; how the ‘organized noise’ of music evokes images, and turns those images into thought. In turn, we ask how our thought structures our perception of music. How does our own knowledge regarding a piece enrich our experience of it.

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Mal pelo



La esperanza de vida de una liebre es un poema compuesto a partir de textos de Erri De Luca sobre la figura de un hombre cazador y sus memorias. Una propuesta sobre un espacio evocador y provocador de imágenes e historias: el bosque.

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BACH (2004 – 2016)

In Bach, an exploration of The Well-Tempered Clavier by J.S.Bach, María Muñoz works on the transmis- sion and re-interpretation of a solo that she has danced all over the world since its creation in 2004, together with the Italian performer and creator Federica Porello.

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Le Théâtre de Nuit

cantique8-J.-M.Lobbe.jpgLE CANTIQUE DES OISEAUX (2015)

Le Cantique des oiseaux, poème de Farid Od Dîn Attar, est le point de départ de la nouvelle création du Théâtre de Nuit. La magie du poème rencontre la magie de l’image et de la chorégraphie..

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TG Stan



The starting point of the tangible is, on the one hand, the Fertile Crescent with Palestine as its epicentre, and on the other hand the people who create this performance and their various realities.

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